Stas Burov - Principal Investigator

I’ve graduated from Bar-Ilan University in Rmat Gan Israel, with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Math. In 2011 I’ve got my Ph.D. in Physics. Spent three years as Kadanoff-Rice postdoctoral scholar at James Franck Institute, The University of Chicago. Since 2014 I am a senior lecturer, Physics Department, Bar Ilan University.

Deborah Schwarcz - PhD Student

Deborah works on effects of noise in self assembly of particles in models of Graphene aggregation and Brownian Motors.

Almog Haggag - MSc student

Almog  explores first-passage time properties for diffusive transport with vanishing diffusion coefficient. 

Aviv Arcobi - Msc Student

Aviv works on stochastic models of asymmetric bacterial division

David Peleg - MSc student

David explores generalizations of stochastic gradient descent for neural networks training.

Past Members

  • Livnat Cohen – Msc student. Deep learning approach for extraction of diffusion coefficients. 
  • Yaniv Habani – Msc student. Phase transitions for molecular motor driven transport. 
  • Jakub Ślęzak – Postdoc. Quenched disorder and models of transport in bio-membranes.

  • Asaf Haddad – MSc student. Development of data analysis algorithms.

  • Boaz Shalev – MSc student. The effect of external driving force on replication, specifically bacterial replication.
  • Josh Susman – BA student. Stochastic properties of stock-market data.

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