Dr. Stanislav (Stas) Burov -Principal Investigator


I’ve graduated from Bar-Ilan University in Rmat Gan Israel, with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Math. In 2011 I’ve got my Ph.D. in Physics. Spent three years as Kadanoff-Rice postdoctoral scholar at James Franck Institute, The University of Chicago. Since 2014 I am a senior lecturer, Physics Department, Bar Ilan University.

Deborah Schwarcz, Ph. D Student


Deborah works on effects of noise in self assembly of particles in models of Graphene aggregation.

Yaniv Habany, M.A. Student

yaniv  Yaniv is expected to work on properties of first passage of granules  in actin networks with active transport.

Asaf Haddad, M.A. Student

profile-asafAsaf explores data analysis algorithms that discriminate between deterministic/stochastic origins of  data.

Past Members

Boaz Shalev, M.A. Student

Boaz Shalev explored the effect
of external driving force on replication,
specifically bacterial replication.

Josh Susman – B.Sc.

Josh worked on stochastic
properties of stock-market data.